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BC Company Canada's First Certified Organic Medical Marijuana

Duncan Couple Canada's First Certified Organic Pot Growers

Tuesday, April 29, 2003
By Andrew Costa - Citizen Staff
The Citizen

A Duncan couple who've been growing medicinal marijuana for a year and a half became the first certified organic pot growers in Canada earlier this month.

Wendy Little and Eric Nash say people with compromised immune systems need toxic-free medicinal marijuana.

Eric Nash and his wife Wendy Little, both federally licensed medicinal marijuana growers, were given certification for the production of organic cannabis by the Certified Organic Association of B.C.

They sought organic certification because they believe patients with compromised immune systems should have access to "medicine" that is grown without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

"As growers, we receive many emails from patients across Canada concerned about the quality of the marijuana they're purchasing on the street," Little said. "We want to give patients assurance of a toxic-free certified organic product."

The federal Marijuana Medical Access Regulations, enacted in July 2001, allow people to apply to legally grow their own marijuana or designate a grower for their supply. Nash and Little are two of only 36 Canadians licensed by Health Canada to produce medical marijuana for ill people.

"Most people don't realize they can go to the doctor and get a prescription for marijuana," Little said.

Next fall Nash and Little will be offering a four-hour course on growing marijuana and the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations at the Cowichan campus of Malaspina University-College.

It's Official: The Organic Dope Crop

The London UK Guardian
March 7th, 2003
by Ellen Himelfarb

Canada has always looked to the Pacific province of British Columbia as its organic conscience - the first to bring pockmarked fruit and gluten-free muffins into the mainstream.

It's also the leading garden in the country's billion-dollar black-market marijuana industry. Now, for the first time since 2001, when the government granted doctors the right to prescribe cannabis in terminal cases, a BC couple have united the region's two strong suits.

After applying to become medical marijuana growers, Eric Nash and Wendy Little - from the Vancouver Island town of Duncan - sought the blessing of the local organic body. Last month, inspectors from the Certified Organic Association of BC slapped a blue ribbon on the prize Nash stash.

The thought of all that impure puff tainting the market was too much to bear. "For four years we've been eating only certified organic food," says Nash, a web designer and former forestry worker, " and I haven't had the flu or a cold for two years."

A grassroots facility was constructed with $2,000 (£800), and the soil patrol was alerted. It would seem resources had been scarce for good reason. Legally, growers can only cultivate as many plants as will supply a single approved patient.

Little tends the 25 plants necessary to fix her beneficiary, a multiple sclerosis sufferer, with five grams per day - sold at cost. Nash's MS-afflicted patient takes one gram daily, the yield of five plants.

That their wee cartel isn't generating briefcases of unmarked notes hasn't curbed their enthusiasm. Nash and Little, both seasoned lecturers, have signed on to teach the science and protocol of organic medicinal pot harvesting at the local university.

Medical Marijuana Certified as Canada's First Totally Organic Pot

April 28, 2003

DUNCAN, British Columbia - Marijuana growers Eric Nash and his wife, Wendy Little, are Canada's first licensed medical marijuana growers to have their crop officially certified 100 percent organic.

In an interview at the couple's home in this Vancouver Island town about 45 miles north of Victoria, Nash says the action by the Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia is a bonus for Canadians who seek pot to ease suffering from multiple sclerosis, cancer, arthritis, AIDS and other conditions.

"It's raising the credibility of medicinal marijuana as a legitimate medicine, as a safe medicine, as an alternative medicine to all the pharmaceuticals and other things that people tried that don't work," Nash said.

In British Columbia, where the Royal Canadian Mounted Police says illegal black market marijuana is worth billions, making it the province's largest cash crop, Nash, 44, and Little, 41, do not fit the stereotype of marijuana growers or pot smokers.

Both graduated from university with honors, Little in education and Nash in visual arts. They have an 8-year-old daughter and live in an attractive, art-filled home in an older neighborhood.

Nash, a Web site designer and former professional horticulturist, says organic certification is a step forward in the struggle for recognition of the medicinal qualities of marijuana.

People who are sick or in pain deserve access to pot grown without toxic pesticides or fertilizers, he says.

"I want to ensure these people are getting certified organic marijuana for their health problem," Nash said. "I want people to know it's been inspected every step of the way, from the soils to the fertilizers."

Nash and Little are two of the 36 people licensed by Health Canada to produce medical marijuana under the country's Marijuana Medical Access Regulations, enacted in July 2001.





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